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Frontiers of peace

The blurred borders of Europe

The European borders have blurred since the Schengen Agreement of 1985. Twenty-six countries, whose inner borders total 16,500 km, can be travelled around freely. They once stood for war and separation. What does the future hold? With a GPS and detailed maps, photographer Valerio Vincenzo explored 20,000 km of those fading borderlines over the past ten years. His pictures document the freedom of circulation in Europe and capture what remains: beauty and peace. His photos all evoke one same question: ‘What are borders anyway?'

A thought-provoking and award-winning project by Valerio Vincenzo.

About the author

Valerio Vincenzo started his Borderline project in 2007. It was awarded the 2013 Louise Weiss Prize for European Journalism and nominated for the 2016 Canon Silver Camera Awards in the Netherlands. The Borderline project has been exposed numerous times, in particular on the railings of the UNESCO headquarters in Paris in 2015 and at the Street Art Museum in St Petersburg in 2016. It has been featured by a number of prestigious magazines worldwide, including the Financial Times in the UK.

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