Wonders are Collectible - English version

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Wonders are Collectible - English version

Taxidermy: Tranquil beauty

Taxidermy elevated to fine art

Aren't we all speechless at the ultimate beauty that nature has to offer? Don't we all want to capture it and indulge in these images forever? To capture animals in all their glory in such a way that it shows every flamboyant, scintillating detail is a delicate art. This book gives an overview of the history, the myths and the symbolism, the process, the most wonderful collections and interiors, decorated as true Wunderkammers, and the craftsmen and artists from past and present who elevated taxidermy to fine art. Weird and wonderful overview of the fine art of taxidermy, a world between reanimation and reincarnation. Responds to the growing interest in these cabinets of curiosity. In cooperation with the young talented Belgian, Jeroen Lemaitre.

About the author

Jeroen Lemaitre (1987) is a young man from Leuven whose talent was discerned in 2014 by the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, a museum of the decorative arts and design in Paris. Since then, he has worked under the label of 'Animaux Speciaux' progressing further with his creations using animals, insects and butterflies from the tropics.

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